Areas of expertise and related projects


All telecommunication technologies, networks and devices: GSM, CDMA, LTE, 3G, 4G, NGN, DWDM, DCN

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Information Technology

Cloud Computing, Data Storage, Data Centers, GIS, e-Commerce, and many many more

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Security Systems

Fire and Burglar Alarm, Video Surveillance Systems, Information Security, Network Security

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Warehouse Management System, Inventory System, Logistics, International and Domestic Transport, Insurance, Marking, Packing

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Corporate Documents

Internal Regulations, Articles of Association, Constituent Documents, Accounting/Financial Documents, Business Communication

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Russian Localisation from English and Chinese.

Chinese Localisation from Russian and English.

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Marketing,  advertising, promotion brochures, booklets, texts, PPC and SEO

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Medical equipment, Medical documents, Description of medication

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Description of sightseeing, Hotels, Programs, Menu, Guides

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Power Supply Systems, Distribution Networks, Smart Grid, Oil and Gas Equipment, Exploration Works

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Legal Documents

Contracts, agreements, MoU, documents for court proceeding

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