Security systems include network security systems, information security systems, video surveillance, burglar and fire alarm systems etc.

Security-related projects
  • Surveillance network project
  • Intellectual video surveillance and safety project (Safe City)
  • Transport surveillance system project
  • Automatic recording of moving on stoplight
  • Telecommunication network alarm systems
  • Public security monitoring in Belarus
  • Automated video detection of traffic
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Alarm boxes, motion detectors, sensors
  • Information security systems and technologies
  • Translation for the Russian information security forum

Every company, especially a large one, has to keep its security. Providing the security for enterprises includes organizing and fulfilling works connected with equipment and software installation which often have an interface or instructions and corresponding documentation in the English language.

The most frequent translations in this sphere include:

– Software manuals;

– Maintenance instructions for applications and various devices;

– Instruction manuals;

– Translation of technical specifications of the security equipment (fire, security alarm systems, information security, network safety).

One of the peculiar features of translations in the security field is that they require not only a good command of the language, but the knowledge of the specific industry terminology. The translations in this sphere are special since there is no universal standard for the terminology used, plus the terminology base is constantly evolving and updating. And the most challenging this is that every producer may use different terminology, not used by other companies.

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