Why our clients choose us

Simple comparison of the translation process

Sinotranslation Team Freelancers
You contact us, and we undertake to select or search required translators if needed You select or search for required translators yourself.
We’re always available and work 7 days a week, including holidays and week-ends Translator agrees to take the job if available
Requirements identification Requirements identification
Quotation, negotiation Quotation, negotiation
We make required DTP (simple – for free, complicated – as negotiated) You make DTP and provide editable format
Do you need a glossary? If yes, we make it and get your approval
Translation Translation
Editing (technical revision by technical editor, optionally – by field expert)
Proofreading (linguistic revision by proofreader)
Final DTP and LSO if needed
Delivery Delivery
Acceptance by the client Acceptance by the client
Payment Payment
Feedback collection



We carefully choose the most appropriate translator for your specific project from our database of proven specialists with whom we have been working for years.


Before delivering the translation, we perform thorough term search and verification work to make sure that each term is translated correctly and consistently. Our technical editor eliminates all logical, technical, and terminological errors.


Our proofreader checks each translation to ensure it sounds natural, smooth, and nice, and contains no stylistic or linguistic errors.


Simple DTP

Do you have a file in PDF, PPT, InDesign or other formats which are non-editable in Word or CAT tools? We’ll process them ourselves to convert into editable format and translate.



For large or highly specialized projects, we make a glossary (term base) and make sure it is approved by the client in order to guarantee that the terminology correct and consistent.


Project management

Each order is processed by our project managers who choose the best translator for your document and arranges the entire translation process. It helps avoid “translator fell sick/disappeared/delayed/translated with poor quality” situations.


Time is money, and fast delivery time is an important advantage you can offer to your clients. We gain this advantage with our team work, dedicated team members, and a pool of reliable translators.

  • We can translate up to 6,000 words per day. If you have a large and urgent project, we’ll split it between several translators.
  • You can order translations 7 days a week, including holidays. We always have translators who are ready to take your project right now.
  • Do you need translation today? Get it the same day without extra pay.
  • We respond in 5 to 10 minutes — No need to wait for our reply too long.


With care about our clients, we are doing our best and applying various strategies to reduce cost of our services without sacrificing quality.

  • We work with any CAT tool you need and provide a discount grid. The most popular tools we work with are SDL Trados, SmartCAT, Memsource, and OmegaT.
  • We take no extra charge for urgent translations and can deliver them the same day without extra pay.
  • No extra charge for specialization, since we believe that each text belongs to one or another field of expertise.
  • We offer internal Russian market prices which are almost 30% lower than those on the international market.


To ensure high translation quality, we established a multi-step process where each translation passes verification by different professionals.

  • Before you receive a final translation from us, it passes all verification steps such as technical and linguistic revision, and proofreading.
  • Technical revision ensures technically correct and accurate translation without logical or terminology mistakes.
  • Linguistic revision ensures that translation sounds smooth and nice as if it was originally written by native speaking writer.
  • Also, we offer to make a free glossary, which ensures consistent terminology approved by you.


To start working with a new service provider is always risky. You have never worked with it before and you don’t know what to expect. Therefore, we are doing everything to eliminate any risk for you.

  • Your work with us is completely safe.
  • We don’t take prepayment. You pay after delivery and acceptance of the translation.
  • We provide life-time translation quality guarantee.
  • To make sure that we meet your requirements, you can order a free test translation or get your first paid order at 50% discount (up to 1,000 words).
  • We pay a fine if the delivery is late.

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