We offer a TEP solution which includes:
  • human translation by professional specially selected linguists;
  • technical revision to ensure consistent and correct translation;
  • linguistic revision to ensure your text sounds smooth in the target language;
  • free glossary (if needed);
  • DTP (if needed).


This services includes:
  • technical revision to ensure consistent and correct terminology translation;
  • linguistic revision to ensure compliance with target language standards;
  • linguistic sigh-off to ensure compliance with the source document in linguistic and DTP aspects.

Expert Proofreading

This service means proofreading by our field experts. It applies to highly specializes translation where it’s hard to find translators with deep knowledge in this specific field. The experts are not translators, they are field specialists with deep understanding of their area, and at the same time they must know the source language to be able to verify translation.

multimediaMultimedia translation

This services includes:
  • transcribing;
  • all components of translation service;
  • making subtitles;
  • translating subtitles;
  • voice over in a professional studio.


DTP is a part of translation, and we charge no fee for simple DTP. But complicated DTP requires special skills. As most translators have no such skills, our designer will make layout in any format you need (PDF, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator).

websiteWebsite translation

This service may include:
  • extraction of text from the website;
  • all components of the translation service;
  • entering the translated content back to the website through dashboard;
  • multilingual SEO content (if needed).


One price for all supported language pairs.
The price is based on source language except Asian languages.
For the Asian languages it’s based on the target (Russian) language.

0.05 USD per word

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