Telecommunications is one of our main areas of expertise. We have been working in this field for about 10 years, translating documents for major manufacturers of telecommunication equipment and network operators.

Below you can see only a small part of our recent projects. We couldn’t possibly list all of them because of their great number and diversity.

Our clients in telecommunication industry
telecommunication-related projects
  • Mobile Softswitch Center
  • Technical proposal for constructing core network
  • HLR user manual
  • WiMax optimisation project
  • EGPRS performance upgade project for Megafon
  • ХХХ series router manuals
  • Open tender documentation of MTS
  • IAD manuals
  • Managed services
  • WiMax network testing for Beltelecom
  • GPON Ericsson
  • Multi-service access module manuals
  • Broadband access solutions
  • Telecommunication power supply systems
  • UMTS documentation
  • DSLAM documentation
  • Network operation reports
  • СРЕ test documentation
  • Optical network operation estimate and optimisation
  • QoS evaluation and optimisation in WDM
  • WiMAX CPE description
  • IMS description
  • GSM swap project for Megafon
  • Core router configuration manual
  • IPTV products and solutions
  • Transmission network optimisation for Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline
  • Constructing optical network for Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline
  • LCT documentation
  • SDP platform construction project
  • GSM-R deployment for Russian Railways
  • Online help for SGSN
  • NMS documentation
  • Legal interception system documentation
  • GoTa trunking system for Rostelecom
  • HONET maintenance system
  • Home gateway documentation
  • WCDMA network test documentation
  • GSM base station documentation
  • BBU, RRU, DBS manuals
  • Migration to NGN
  • LTE project for МТS
  • SMS billing center construction
  • NG DWDM documentation
  • Test program for PON and other telecommunication networks
  • Online help for SMSC
  • FTTx systems documentation
  • Radio network deployment project
  • Translation of radio equipment manufacturer’s website
  • Core network test and test reports
  • Terminal production localisation in Belarus
  • IMS core network project for Beltelecom
  • RAN optimisation project

Translations in telecommunication industry require not only good command of the language, but also a deep knowledge of the field. It is a very challenging job, because terminology grows and changes together with the technology.

telecommunications allow us to maintain large amounts of information used in many different industries. This helps to develop new structures and carry out business tasks which used to be considered impossible. Telecommunication technologies really require professional linguistic support, and we are delivering it right now!

We have been working in this field since 2006, providing translation services to practically all telecommunication equipment manufacturers and Russian-speaking network operators. We have compiled a great number of terminology glossaries, using modern technologies for translation and quality assurance.

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