Most computer games are published in English. However, a good game in your native language is a much better experience. A quality translation and localization of the game by professionals will secure its success on the market.

Most texts may seem quite simple, however, the translation shall be made by professionals who specialize in computer games. Otherwise, you risk errors that will have to be fixed or even repeatedly translated eventually. The most common errors in game translation:

– the target text is much longer than the source, which may cause a mismatch with the source button, window, or field;

– the voiceover is performed without considering the length of the original phrase and the character’s articulation;

– comprehension mistakes, when translated without regard to the context.

We participated in localization of many games from Chinese, English, to Russian and Chinese.

Our professionals will provide you the quality and correct translation and localization of computer games. Being highly experienced and qualified, our professionals will deliver translations of any difficulty in the shortest time, taking into account the peculiarities and message of the text.

The most interesting and largest projects

Age of Wushu, Chinese to Russian Localization

My Lands, Localization to Chinese

Era of Sail, Chinese to Russian Localization

Feng Yun (Skies), Chinese to Russian localization

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