Information technology industry is one of our primary area of expertise related to telecommunications. After all, it’s impossible to imagine the IT industry without networks and communication technologies.

Below you can see the list of our most important projects carried out individually or in cooperation with other vendors.

Clients in IT industry
IT-related projects
  • Transport system informatisation in Tadjikistan
  • Symantec IDC
  • OceanStor storage systems
  • E-government project
  • Power network informatisation solution
  • Toll system
  • GIS deployment in Uzbekistan
  • Cloud-based solutions deployment for Kazakhtelecom
  • Solution
  • Intelligent transport network in Minsk
  • National data center in Belarus
  • Internet of Things deployment
  • RFID deployment
  • Cloud computing
  • Google localisation project: Google Adwords, Google Analytics, etc.
  • IBM data centers

Translation in the IT industry is one of our main areas of expertise. The popularity of information technologies is growing day by day, because this relatively new industry is developing very fast. The quality and popularity of IT projects often depends on the quality of translation.

Translations in the IT sphere have a number of unique traits, including:

– A large number of specialized terms and slang leading to various translation challenges;

– The terminology used in the texts becomes obsolete very fast;

– Different companies use different terminology while developing their software products.


But one of the most interesting challenges is that practically all technologies are being developed outside the CIS countries, so the interface and  documentation are in the English language, and they come to Russia much later. Since there are no similar technologies in Russia, many terms don’t have equivalents in Russian either. So we don’t have any other choice but calquing or transliterating English terms. For example, proxy server, proxying.

Considering these facts, the main problem of translators is systematizing terminology and constantly updating specialized dictionaries and glossaries. The complexity of IT translation is in the correct and accurate interpretation of the source text, which is the main requirement for the translation of IT texts.

You may need IT translation in the following cases:

– Translation of the documentation for equipment or software using information technologies (data bases, data processing centers, cloud technologies);

– Translation of applications and computer games;

– Translation of various guides to hardware and software products;

– Translation of websites on topics related to computers;

– Carrying out tender processes on software delivery to large companies and government institutions.

We can help you with the translation of specialized IT texts. Since 2006, we have been working in close cooperation with large international companies on the CIS market. Our experts have a vast experience in professional translation of texts in IT and related industries.

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