Energy is one of the most important industry for our world. To translate energy-related texts, we engage our translators who specializes in this filed.

In the energy field, we translate documents related to power supply systems, power distribution systems, oil and gas production, oil and gas transportation, oil and gas equipment, petrochemical plant construction and so on.

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Energy-related projects
  • Set of proposals for constructing the Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline
  • Engineering design for the second stage of Kazakhstan-China crude oil pipeline
  • Fiber communications for the pipeline
  • Gas purification systems
  • IT development for power networks
  • Power supply systems
  • Documentation for constructing Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant
  • Data communication network construction for power networks
  • Framework of development, operation, and integration of the standalone systems based on the distributed resources with the electric power systems
  • IEEE guidelines for ensuring the functional compatibility between the power equipment and IT and the electric power systems, end user systems, and smart grid loads
  • Ecosystem of smart grid manufacturers
  • Alternative and hybrid power sources
  • Various process specifications
  • Specifications for endothermic reaction section
  • Waste water analysis
  • General standards of processing and purification of the stainless steel and nickel alloys
  • Documentation on burners
  • Materials Safety Datasheets

The oil & gas and power industries are vital for global economy and political processes. They evolve rapidly accounting for continuous development of new technologies, construction of new hi-tech facilities, improvement of the equipment. The international cooperation in the oil & gas and power industries is in full swing. The countries constantly exchange technologies, professionals, materials, and implement many international projects.

That is why the oil & gas and power engineering cannot do without quality translations. We are ready to assist in translating the specialized and supporting documents for successful implementation of any relevant project.

SinoTranslation has been on this market for several years, which allowed to gain substantial expertise in translating various documents for these industries. Our professionals provide linguistic support for projects in terms of both the long-term integrated facilities and small tasks of the relevant market players.

To meet the linguistic needs of enterprises in those industries, the qualified professionals of SinoTranslation translate:

– bidding, design, technical, financial, marketing, and other documentation;

– installation and operation manuals, certificates, and drawings;

– standards, procedures, requirements, testing reports.

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