Yang Jie

Yang Jie

Our core team member translating from Russian and English into Chinese.

Yang Jie is actively engaged in Russian to Chinese translation work and can be regarded as one of the best translators in this language pair.

She studied in Ukraine and graduated from National Arts and Architecture Academy, and since 2010 worked as an interpreter for Ukrainian painter delegations visiting China and for Chinese painter delegations visiting Ukraine; she even arranged tours for Chinese painters on Ukrainian  art galleries.

Worked as an interpreter for Wuxi city delegation during their visit to Russia.

Interpreted for art workshop of Andrew Yalansky in the Literature and Law Department of Changzhou University.

Interpreted for the Ukrainian painters in Wuxi, Yangzhou, Changzhou, two Ukrainian art exhibitions.

Interpreted for Wuxi Foreign  Affairs Office delegation during their visit to Russia, and for Nizhny Novgorod mayor when he was meeting Wuxi delegation.

Interpreted for Wuxi Commerce Office during the investment and promotion workshop within the Economic Belt of Silk Road.