Multimedia translation (video)

What happens when your dad is English and your mom is Russian?Yep! You become bilingual in your mind.

But in Reality you speak quiza English and semi-Russian, hens you speak perfect Englussian!

Ladies and gentlemen! I am Anthony Archibald Edward London, otherwise known as Tony London!


And I am starting my show “From Russia with London”.

Hello, hello, hello my English speaking, American English speaking (believe me there is a difference),   Scottish, Irish and Welsh English speaking, Australian English ohh.. sorry New Zealand, Australasian English speaking, Indian English speaking, Canadian English speaking, Chinese and Mongolian English speaking and the whole World’s English speaking, listening and comprehending friends! Hello to all of you!!! I am so pleased to make this show for you!



It took me a while to decide, which video to start with and this “choosing-what-to-start-with-process” lasted for sometime, until I discovered THIS.

And you can just feel the whole country through this one advertisement for English language courses.

So, tttstststststststs,

Inglish. And the text says  “for all who are interested”.



Are you interested? Somebody? Anybody?

It says also the price is negotiable. How much would you pay for a unique knowledge?

The name of the teacher is written here also. The teachers name is Nadezhda, which stands for the English equivalent of hope. The only thing the students can do is to hope to be understood when they speak Inglish.






女士们先生们!我是安东尼·阿奇博尔德·爱德华·伦敦(Anthony Archibald Edward London),你们也可以叫我托尼·伦敦(Tony London)。













Finance and investment

Fintech is currently undergoing a natural evolution stage. Fintech  目前正在经历一场自然进化阶段。
Previous three years were a «toothbrush» era: when you perform just one function, but better than anyone, and when you are irreplaceable and used every day. 之前的三年是“ 牙刷“时代:您只执行一种功能,但是比任何人都好,您无可替代,被每日使用。
The long-awaited turning point came in 2015 when all services started merging with each other in some way. 等待已久的转折点在2015年到来,所有服务开始以某种方式融合。
And it’s understandable — if the first advanced customers were ready to bake a cake with disparate ingredients themselves, the mass customer wants to get a comfortable ecosystem of services with seamless integration allowing the customer to easily use data from one service inside the other and enjoy the benefits from their joint use. 这可以理解 , 如果第一批高级客户准备好用明显不同的成分亲自烘焙一个蛋糕, 大众客户想要获得一个舒适的、具有无缝集成的服务生态系统,允许客户轻松使用在另一个里面的服务的数据和享有联合使用的益处。
Fintech-mergers are reshaping nascent sector 金融技术融合正在重塑新生的区域
The partnership offers an interesting mix of services designed to appeal to customers who prefer to bank primarily through their mobile device and have credit card or student loan debt. 该合作提供有趣的服务组合,旨在吸引偏好通过移动设备进行金融活动和有信用卡或者学生贷款债务的客户。
The incentives offered show that the partners recognize the need to motivate customers to use new services. 提供的激励显示,合作伙伴认可鼓励客户使用新服务的需求。
Square has started to think beyond what it can do in the commerce space – their new App Marketplace, build with Square compliments the company’s wide array of existing offerings, like Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, IFTTT, Stitch Labs, Bigcommerce, and Weebly. Square 已经开始考虑它可以在商业空间之外做的事情 – 他们的新 App Marketplace, 免费提供公司现有的广泛服务,诸如 Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, IFTTT, Stitch Labs, Bigcommerce, 和 Weebly.
Prosper, the marketplace lender focused on refinancing and credit rehabilitation, has re-launched its BillGuard PFM-app (acquired in September 2015 for $30M) under its own brand as Prosper Daily. Prosper,  专注再融资和信用修复的市场贷款者,以它自己的品牌 Prosper Daily 重新发布了BillGuard PFM-app (2015年9月花$3000万收购)。
The move brings offering one-stop windows into a user’s total financial history. 该举措把一站式窗口带入到用户的全部财务历史。